Spotlight Movements

Spotlight Movements

Spotlight Movements
  • Alignment Tutorial (5 min)

    What is neutral? How do we find it? Take a few short minutes to learn how to align your spine, pelvis and ribs for optimal posture and muscle engagement.

  • Ball and Band Tutorial (3 min)

  • Breathing Tutorial (5 min)

    Learn how to breathe well for Pilates. Explore how you breathe and why it’s so important.

  • Stability Ball Burner! (13 min)

  • Neck & Head (8 min)

  • Side Bending (5 min)

    Short tutorial on improving your side bends by using the wall.

  • Arm Burner (15 min)

  • Desk Posture and Set-up (8 min)

    Many of us sit at a desk for more than 6 hours of the day. This includes the children and youth in our lives. Learn some simple tips to organize your desk and work space for optimal posture, efficiency and ease. These Pilates inspired suggestions will help to mitigate pain and make working from y...

  • Glute Burner (17 min)

  • Mini Burner (10 Min)

    Ten minute burner sequence focusing on upper body strength and abs.

  • Ab Burner (16 min)

  • Upper Back (10 min)

    Short tutorial on how to activate your upper back muscles when back bending and how to work away from over-engaging your lower back.
    Great for improving posture and strengthening your upper back.

  • Ribcage Placement (5 min)

    Your ribcage is a major keystone to connecting with and firing up your core. This spotlight tutorial breaks down where your ribcage is, and how to position it for optimal core activation.

  • Side Leg Movements (7 min)

    Want to Feel the Feels and get the burn in your side leg movements? This Spotlight is for you. Learn some valuable tips with this video from a different angle to help perfect your alignment.

  • Leg Burner (20 min)

    This 20 minute segment explored the side lying movements that develop long, lean, strong legs. Quick, effective and results driven movements.

  • Feel those Glutes and Hips (17 min)

    Focus on siide lying movements to challenge your hips and glutes (your seat muscles).

  • Greasy Hips (20 min)

    Who doesn’t want limber and strong hips? This segment challenges both.

  • Rolling Spotlight (6 min)

    Rolling on our back happens in quite a few Pilates movements. Watch this video for a breakdown on what to do to prepare for rolling, how to do is safely and successfully with a few different options depending on your needs.

  • 10 min Ab Burner #2 (10 min)

    Flexion free abdominal burner. We repeat a sequence twice which means you get two chances to learn and do the movements. With repetition the magic is forced to rise!

  • 10 min Ab Burner #1 (10 min)

    Abs, core, powerhouse workout. There’s a lot we can accomplish in just 10 minutes. These short segments are meant for those time-strapped days where we want to do something meaningful, but can’t commit to a longer session. Stop. Drop. Pilates!

  • Glute Burner! (12 min)

    Focus in on your glutes (seat muscles) and get them fired up on all cylinders. The hope is you’ll be able to recruit them more readily in a full body PBW segment and feel them acutely. Short, effective glute burner session.

  • Arm Burner (17 min)

    Sometimes we want to focus on one specific part of our body. It’s a great opportunity to connect with and intensely work on one area of the body. This short, but challenging segment will dish out a solid arm burner infused with all the PBW alignment and movement tips.

  • Rolling Down (3 min)

    The roll down from standing is one of the movements I call underrated and invaluable. Learn how to do this movement for better spinal mobility, but also because it will help you perform Pilates movements on the mat.

  • Shoulders (11 min)