• Resistance Band Quickie (12 min)

  • Posture Focus (22 min)

    Always full body! We start with shoulder and upper back work and take it up to some hip and glute (that’s your seat muscles) work. Of course your abdominals are working the entire time, but do a specific movement series to really Feel the Feels in your core.

  • Full Body Classic (32 min)

  • Power Play with Weights (16 min)

  • Loop Band Brings the Heat! (28 min)

    Use a loop band or resistance band for this 28 minute full body session that focuses on legs, arms, abs, and so much more!

  • Spine Time (30 min)

    Starting with spinal movement to get fluid. If you want to keep moving but know more about alignment and how to Feel the Feels this is your session. You can keep your body moving and working while you listen to me give you some tips and tricks to find more value in each movement.

  • Roll and Hinge (15 min)

    Slow means you are focused, present and you can dig deep making muscles work effectively and efficiently. Translation: you will sweat. Squeeze out the most work and connection in your body in just 15 minutes of PilatesBodyWorkout.

  • Fluid Flow (27 min)

    This flow is going to fly by as I take you fluidly through a set sequence of Pilates movements. We start with spinal movement, shoulder openers and seamlessly ease into core work, upper back, legs for days and more.

  • Short and Sweet (16 min)

    I get it. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time, but even a little bit of Pilates goes a long way. Lengthen and strengthen your entire body with this solid flow session.

  • Flexion Free Fun (16 min)

    Sometimes we are short on time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fit in a meaningful Pilates session.
    Stop, drop and Pilates for some good body feels.

  • Let's Move (35 min)

    Sometimes we just want to get on our mat and move. This flow is for you. Stop, drop and Pilates!

  • Total Body Blitz (20 min)

  • Stand to Floor (24 min)

  • Challenge the Basics (25 min)

    This sessions takes the basics and makes them meaningful. And by meaningful I mean challenging!
    Enjoy a slow and steady burn for 25 minutes

  • Session at the Wall (15 min)

    The wall is a great place to find and challenge alignment. Full body workout with a focus on upper body.

  • Light it Up (34 min)

    Start standing, light up your leg muscles. Then make your way to the mat for full body flow.

  • All Standing (17 min)

    Standing Pilates challenges us to find balance and work our core strength and support in a position we are in frequently: Standing!
    Lots of options to hold a chair or wall to help with the balance piece as you work your entire body in this dynamic full body segment.

  • Up and Abs (32 min)

    This Signature Session begins standing to challenge balance and build lower body strength and endurance. We then move to the mat for abdominal work and a mid-back series. This innovative sequence flows fluidly keeping your mind engaged and your body feeling the PilatesBodyWorkout feels.

  • Full Body Quickie (10 min)

    Only have 10 minutes? No problem. This Signature Session is just for you! Full body workout. You won’t believe how much meaningful movement we can squeeze into a short session.

  • Session with a Twist (17 min)

    Adding a twist to Signature Session! Enjoy movements you often encounter but with a literal twist. Unlock your spine, hips and challenge your shoulder mobility and strength.

  • Invigorate and Flow (26 min)

    Day Two takes you through a flow session with options: keep it focused and fluid or challenging and intense. Every movement is a choose your own adventure experience.

  • Legs for Days (18 min)

    On day Five we start with a high-powered standing Pilates series that focuses on strengthening our lower body. Great for toning your legs, gluteus (seat muscles), and working on balance and stability. We finish off this legs for days segment on the mat and of course work the core throughout the s...

  • Spine Mobility (20 min)

    You are only as young as your spine! This segment focuses on your spine's stability and mobility laced into a full body segment.

  • Full Body Wild Card (20 min)

    This is a full body wild card segment using your mat in innovative ways! Moderate Intensity.