Pilates 101 Beginner Flow Pack

Pilates 101 Beginner Flow Pack

Two Pilates 101 Beginner Sessions led by Natalya, Creator PilatesBodyWorkout.
Please note this is a 3 day rental.
For questions email: [email protected]

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Pilates 101 Beginner Flow Pack
  • Pilates with a Pillow (26 min)

    This beginner flow incorporates a small pillow or blanket to support our Pilates movements. The pillow helps us learn classic Pilates moves and develop the strength to perform them without the aid of this prop over time. Using the pillow often makes the work more obvious and gets us feeling all t...

  • PBW 101 Flow (25 min)

    The beauty of Pilates is that you will move your body in all directions: hands and knees, lying on your back, your stomach, side lying and more! Enjoy this flow that takes you through a full body workout at a pace that helps you connect to your body and gain th most out of your movements.